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We Need YOUR Voice to Get Things Done
By Dave Chubby Charlebois

For the last forty-three years ABATE of WI has fought for the rights and freedoms of all motorcyclists on our roads. Our success has come in waves, with a lot of highs and lows along the way to ultimately achieving our goals. Over the years we have modified our methods to be more accepted both among the legislature and with the general public. Always seeking acceptance without privilege, working with stakeholders, and even utilizing a little compromise without giving up our freedoms has produced positive results for not only all motorcyclists in our great state but all roadway users have benefited whether they realize it or not.

I can say that this year has ended in a positive note with the passing of our ROW bill that protects all roadway users from irresponsible drivers but I believe that would be selling things short. We still have time left in this legislative session to finish at least one more bill on our wish list. Whether it's our Autocycle/Definition of a motorcycle legislation, or our vehicle data recorder bill there is still time to get things done. We have sponsors, support, and momentum on our side. Now we need voices to get things done.

I regularly use analogies and definitions to explain in common language what we are trying to achieve but for the first time I am going to use a scientific formula to encourage your action in achieving our goals. Ft = Δmv is the formula for momentum. Force X time = change in mass X velocity. Basically we can either push something with less force for a long period of time to achieve our goals or we can increase the force thus reducing the time to achieve the same result. We have one of our three legislative goals out of the way with almost unanimous support and we currently have the momentum to achieve the rest of our goals if we just increase the force. That is what your voice is needed for. As much as I consider ourselves freedom fighters or legislative warriors, we are actually force multipliers and it's time to show our legislators just how large of a force multiplier we really are.

What can you do to help us keep and increase our momentum? Go to meetings and learn our positions so that you're comfortable making them your own. Follow us on Facebook (even if you're not on Facebook) by searching @abatewisconsin in Google (you will be able to see the page if you don't have a Facebook account but you won't be able to post on it without an account), and sign up for our legislative alerts. This will give you the most up to date bus/travel information plus we will be updating our group appointments as they come in. We are continuing to work with stakeholders on these bills so by being connected with us you will be able to follow our progress leading up to our Biker Day at the Capitol January 23rd.

Why such a rush? Although we always try to schedule our lobby day far in advance, the biennial calendar used by the legislature always leaves us rushing to finish our agenda before legislators go into campaign mode. We need our voices heard loudly before there is no time to finish and the session ends (in March). We have two short months to accomplish this so it's time to utilize every tool in our toolbox.

With the success of our Storm the Capitol event in October we have the ability to keep the momentum on our side and achieve our ultimate goal of passing all three of our legislative concerns before this session ends and then join legislators during campaign season to express our thanks for their efforts. I hope it's time for you to decide to be the ultimate force multiplier and be a part of motorcycle history. I'll see you at the Capitol on January 23!

Charlebois, Dave Chubby. "We Need YOUR Voice to Get Things Done." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Dec. 2017.

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