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Lobby Day January 23, 2018
By the ABATE of Wisconsin Legislative Committee

The ABATE of Wisconsin Legislative Committee has been working to make your participation in our January 23, 2018 Lobby Day as easy of possible. We have trained additional people to be available to assist our membership in the process of grassroots lobbying (which is what it is called when a private citizen contacts a legislative body regarding a concern or issue.) When we say No Experience Necessary, we mean it. We believe that we have all the tools in place that will make it possible for any one of our members (or motorcycling non-members) to successfully participate in Lobby Day.

If you are wondering how the day goes, here is a short course of what we have in place to assist you.

Meeting Appointments: Many Regional Reps or Regional Legislative Officers have already made an appointment to meet with the legislators from your area. Contact your Regional Rep or Bus Leader (list follows here) to see if there is a meeting you may join or look at our web-based schedule at

http://tinyurl.com/abate2018 .

If you need to make your own appointment call your legislators and tell them that you are part of ABATE Lobby Day. They may have another appointment already scheduled that you could sit in on. If not, ask them to please make an appointment for you. Your legislator's office staff can handle this for you, you do not need to speak directly to the legislator to make an appointment. If you are not comfortable speaking with your legislator, we will make every effort to have someone attend with you. Please make every effort to make your appointments during a time that will allow you to be part of the large group photo scheduled for 12:30pm.

If you legislator is not available for appointments on January 23, accept an appointment with their office staff. This is not a problem. You can be assured that any information that you give to the office staff will be relayed to the legislator. It can be just as important to get to know the legislator's staff as meeting with the legislator personally.

>>>If you have made an appointment with your legislator(s) please let us know. Email the following information to Marlene at mailto:news@abatewis.org

  • Your Name
  • Legislator(s) Name
  • Appointment Time
  • Appointment Location (room number)

When you get to Madison on January 23, 2018

If you drive in on your own: Free parking and shuttle service is available from the C.C. Riders' Clubhouse located at 1325 Parkside Drive: turn off of East Washington at the corner of E Washington and Lien Road (Wendy's in on the corner) go one block to Parkside Dr, turn right, and the Clubhouse is at the end of the block.) We will be operating a shuttle from the Clubhouse to the Inn on the Park every half hour from 8am to 5pm. If you come in on one of our buses you will be dropped off right at Inn on the Park where the ABATE "Information Center" is located.

When you get to Inn on the Park follow the signs directing you to the location of the ABATE Information Center. At this location ABATE members will be set up to sign you in for the day so you will be counted towards the total attendance

  • Give the lead person for each legislative appointment a folder containing the information for the legislator
  • Help you determine your legislative district if needed
  • Answer any questions you may have and provide you with a map of the capitol building if you need one
  • We will even have people available to attend your meetings with you if you don't have an experienced person to go with to make you more comfortable.
  • Coffee, water and a light snack will be available at the Information Center, however you will be on your own for lunch. Inn on the Park has a restaurant available and many others are very close. Please plan lunch around the 12:30 group photo so you don't miss that.

Meeting with your Legislator(s)

Feel free to "dress like a biker", in fact we encourage the wearing of leather/denim and ABATE of Wisconsin Products ... but please, nothing offensive. Duck-tape is handy for temporarily covering offensive patches.

Remember that courtesy is appreciated at all times. You are trying to inform your legislator about ABATE of Wisconsin's issues, and he or she will appreciate your help. We also need to remember that we are there for motorcycle issues only. With the political environment in Wisconsin recently it is very likely that there may be other large groups at the Capitol for the day either protesting or supporting ideas outside of the motorcycle world. We ask that our members who are there for our Grassroots Biker Lobby Day stay focused with OUR issues and respect the right of others to be in town for issues of their own choosing.

You don't need to be "an expert". The folder we will have prepared for each legislator has fact sheets in it that present ABATE of Wisconsin's current motorcycle issues. (See Steve's column on page 1 for what this year's issues are.) If at any time you are asked a question that you don't know the answer to, simply state the fact that you do not know, but you can find out and get back to them. When you return to the Control Center someone there can help you with the question. If you are attending a meeting with a large group, there will be an experienced person with the group that can answer almost any question that comes up.

Bring along your camera and ask for a photo with your legislator.

After you meet with your legislators please return to the Information Center at Inn on the Park at that time we ask that you

  • Complete a short "Exit Survey" to let us know if we need to change/improve anything and what your legislator may have said about our issues.
  • When you turn in your survey you will receive an "I Lobbied in Madison" patch (first time attendees get one "free patch" a second patch may be purchased for $5 if you wish) as well as a 2018 rocker to go with the Lobby Day Patch.
  • Thank your legislator and their staff for meeting with you. Everybody appreciates a complimentary letter -- and remembers it. We will have ABATE of Wisconsin postcards at the Control Center along with sample text and legislators' addresses for you to write a brief thank you note before you leave.
  • If extending an invitation or requesting a meeting in the district (like attending one of your local ABATE meeting or events), suggest a time and date, or several dates, for the visit. Be flexible and accommodating.

To stay informed as the event gets closer we urge all of you to sign up for the ABATE of Wisconsin email alerts to get updates and/or follow ABATE of Wisconsin Inc on Facebook by searching for @abatewisconsin. Together we can make this year's Lobby Day a success for all of us. We hope to see many of you there!


Committee, the ABATE of Wisconsin Legislative. "Lobby Day January 23, 2018." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Dec. 2017.

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