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ABATE Acres Report: DON'T GIVE UP ON Summer!
By Patrick Sheridan

It seems like only a few weeks ago I was excited for land warming and our first BOD meeting at Abate Acres. Now the Summer Hummer is a distant memory, Family Campout is in the books, and our final BOD meeting at the land is over for the season.

Don't let this get you down, there is still a couple months of great camping left. As the temperatures cool down, so does the pace at Abate Acres. You will find yourself moving closer to a blazing campfire instead of backing away from it.

As the fall colors start coming on, there are some awesome day rides in all directions from camp. Please keep that campfire in mind so you return safely before prime deer time.

There is also a prime ATV trail system accessible right from the property. I picked up a map of the Clark/Jackson county trail system and will be exploring these trails over the next couple months.

From now till land closing (October 20-22) we will be running our end of the season special for ABATE Members:




Please don't give up on summer, come on out and enjoy it!

Sheridan, Patrick. "ABATE Acres Report: DON'T GIVE UP ON Summer!." ABATE of Wisconsin Newsletter Sep. 2017.

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