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ABATE of Wisconsin's goal is to give the motorcyclists of Wisconsin a strong, united voice with regard to their future, their way of life, their safety, and their legal rights as motorcyclists and citizens.

It seems that the chances of the legislative process considering any of our issues during the rest of the year are slim to none. Our State Legislature has adjourned for the year. The US Senate and House of Representatives are still in session, but it seems that, with one Political Party controlling the Senate and the other Political Party controlling the House, neither chamber will agree with almost any legislation the other chamber passes so there is very little chance that anything other than the most necessary spending bills will be passed. That does not mean our work is for the year though. Now is when we work with our State and Federals Legislators to lay the ground work for the 2015-16 session.

Legislative Report, (Continued), By Dave Dwyer

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ABATE of Wisconsin 40th Anniversary Bash and Elections,
By Laurie Thompson, September 13, 2014

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Photo -- Thank you to the members who attended Lobby Day 2014
Thank you to the ABATE of Wisconsin Members who attended Lobby Day 2014.
(Greg Anderson, Capitol Photographer)

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